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Once we know your budget, we connect you with our approved service providers to actualize savings.
The Christian Alliance Group Insurance

Insurance Services

Members of Christian Alliance have access to the largest insurance broker in the country dedicated exclusively to helping non-profit and human service organizations, including religious organizations. By leveraging their expertise, experience and insurance-carrier relationships they are able to provide the most comprehensive insurance programs available to our members – at an advantageous cost. Property and Casualty, General Liability, Professional Liability, Workers Compensation and Employee Benefits are a few of the multitude of insurance services they provide.
Individual Health insurance
Group Health insurance
Life Insurance

Office Supplies

Christian Alliance has partnered with the premier office supply retailer in the United States which enables our member-churches to benefit from significantly lower pricing on what is traditionally some of the costliest items in a church’s budget.
The Christian Alliance Group office supplies
The Christian Alliance Group Auditing

Utility & Telecom Auditing

Christian Alliance has contracted with a national Auditing firm with the goal of obtaining refunds on over-billed utility and telephone bills allowing the church to get back monies that those providers owe them. These audits focus on incorrect taxes and surcharges, incorrect rate classifications, items being billed for services no longer used and double or incorrect meter readings.


The nation’s leading third-party technology distributor has made their IT consultants available to ensure member - churches are properly provisioning their cloud, internet, data, mobility, voice and managed services. They also provide HR best practices guidance as well as selecting employee engagement programs and marketing tools to grow the parish.
The Christian Alliance GroupTelecommunications
The Christian Alliance GroupCopiers and Printers

Copiers and Printers

Providing sales, support, training and solution engineering. Optimizing the power of our church network affords members to realize substantial savings on machine leasing, purchases and servicing.


With over 100 years of combined digital marketing experience, ROI Marketing Firm over-delivers their services from search engine and page speed optimization, advertising, sales funnel design, social media management, web development, email marketing, media and content creation, competitive research, and custom services tailored specifically for you. Members of Christian Alliance are given access to professional-grade video editing and graphic design for creating podcasts, online learning platforms and blogging, as well as access to a platform for hosting sermon videos and podcasts. Your clients can come back anytime and watch past recorded sermons, edited and transcribed accurately for blogs.
The Christian Alliance Group ROI Marketing Firm
The Christian Alliance Group Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing

Accepting payments and tithes is essential in promoting the Kingdom. Members of Christian Alliance can lower their Credit Card processing without switching providers! Our consultants are specialists in renegotiating and monitoring credit card processing fees which enables the ministry to retain more of it’s revenue.

Tamper-Proof Background Checks and Employee Assessment Tools

Church leaders are becoming more aware of the need to perform background checks on all volunteers
who work with children or have access to church funds. Employee assessment tools measure the personality traits to assist the employer in deciding if a prospective employee fits the church culture,
and how to get the most of an employee’s strengths.
The Christian Alliance GroupBackground Checks
The Christian Alliance Group Electric


Being socially-responsible as well as being mindful of how church dollars are spent, members of Christian Alliance have been able to re-allocate more money to ministry through green initiatives specifically designed for cost savings and dollar-incentives for their church.

Electric / Gas

Members of the Alliance have access to independent energy consultants whose objective is to obtain the best supply rates of natural gas and electricity for their church and church properties. These professionals are vendor – neutral which allows them to consistently help our members to make the best energy decisions for their ministry.
The Christian Alliance Group Electric
The Christian Alliance Group Mortgages


Providing pastors, churches and church leaders with a variety of different loan programs and products tailored to their unique individual needs. Having long – standing relationships with mortgage providers assists in the approval process as well as in the promptness of the forthcoming funds.

Building Services

With an integrated business approach, our building service administrators possess all the elements and expertise that fulfils the broad range of services and compliance requirements faced by so many pastors and churches. New construction, alterations, renovations, water, sewer, HVAC, carpeting and maintenance are just a few of the services our unique team of professionals provide.
Building Services
The Christian Alliance Group Cleaning and Sanitation

Cleaning and Sanitation

Ensuring the health and safety of the congregation while eradicating biological contaminants has become a concern for places of worship and locations where people gather. Alliance members can now take advantage of a delivery system that exhibits an excellent antibacterial efficacy and is FDA approved, EPA registered, Non - Corrosive, Green Seal Certified and Scent – Free.

Google Ad Grants

The Alliance helps churches apply for and manage the $10,000 per month Google Ad Grant. Utilizing this grant allows churches to drive thousands of people to their website each month. When people search Google for "Churches online", "Churches near me", "Sermons on hope", etc. this invaluable service will help your church's website show at the top of the Search Result Page.
The Christian Alliance Group Google Grants
The Christian Alliance Group cell service

Cellular Services

Christian Alliance has partnered with a faith-based cellular service provider so that member-Churches could receive additional funding through their own communities of cellular users. People can spend less on their cell phone bills, while enjoying the same quality of service that they would with the big carriers. Additionally, 10% of their monthly cell phone bill is tithed to a church or nonprofit organization of their choice. Business and organizational clients are offered special bundling rates as well as mobile device management.

Employee Retention Credit

Members of The Christian Alliance can now access the assistance of the leading Tax Credit Consultants in the nation. This assistance has helped churches who’ve experienced revenue declines or partial suspension of operations, restrictions on attendance of Sunday worship services as well as restrictions of community fundraising events due to the pandemic all of which allows churches to become eligible for the Employee Retention Credit. Churches that have w-2 employees who qualify for this credit could receive up to $5,000 in payroll tax credits per employee in 2020 and up to $28,000 in payroll tax credit per employee in 2021.
The Christian Alliance Group Employee Retention Credit
The Christian Alliance Group Payroll Services

Payroll Services

The responsibility of keeping abreast of the U.S. Tax Code, as well as legislation affecting tax law, can be confusing as well as create unwanted liability.
As members of Christian Alliance, Churches, Pastors, and Church Leaders have access to the premier payroll services company in the nation at unique pricing exclusive to the Alliance.
In addition to payroll services, health insurance, and Human Resource assistance are also available.

Your goals are individual. We believe business advice should be too.

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