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The Christian Alliance Group has become the Premier Financial and Purchase Consulting Organization for the Faith-Based Community, but we didn't start out that way...
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The Christian Alliance Group story actually began long before the formal founding in January 2011.

Starting out as three individuals serving the kingdom in very different ways, the concept for The Christian Alliance Group came from an inquiry by a pastor to explore options for his church to save money on their health insurance premiums that continued to rise year after year.

After successfully saving the church enough money to continue to provide coverage to the pastor and the staff the light bulb went off! Explore other operational costs that eat at the church's budget and thus limit the impact of their mission.
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After developing a proof of concept on a select group of churches, The Christian Alliance Group was born with a purpose of bringing churches, ministries and not-for-profits from around the country together to maximize their savings potential while also helping one another to further their missions and what the Lord has called them to do.
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With over 80 years combined experience in administration, purchasing, finance, church leadership and hospitality ministry, The Christian Alliance Group is unparalleled in meeting the procurement needs of churches, ministries and not-for-profits. We specialize in optimizing all areas of spending. No ministry should stand alone in today’s marketplace. Come Join the Alliance!
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